Five days of Arduino

It’s day 5 at our Pink Programming camp here at Klagstorp. And it’s now time to reluctantly put the Arduino kits back in their boxes, close our laptops, and pack our bags.

We’ve had busy days with programming, excursions, lots of laughter, and yummy food.

But let’s get to the important things first: an overview of the programming we’ve done.

To help you get a better idea of our programming adventures, let’s take a look at how Line developed an interest in Arduino after being introduced to it during our workshop. She’s building a dinner bell with her Arduino starter kit.

Line finds tinkering about with her Arduino rewarding because she’s given very tangible results: the light turns on when it works.

As a Bioinformatics masters student at Lund University, Line’s work is mainly abstract: statistical computing and large-scale data analysis of sequencing data using Python and R. She finds programming an Arduino to be refreshingly simplistic since she’s able to build and take a project apart with her hands.

And yes! Line definitely plans to expand her knowledge of serial and parallel circuit connections, and connecting and programming diodes.

Ps: The blog post about our entire stay comes out this weekend. Stay tuned!

By Rose Reid


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